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Best Food friend’s books are not written to be readers for kids to read alone. They are a tool for parents to read to their children. By reading the stories together children think of fruit and vegetables as being fun.

Children instinctively like the characters and their stories, which leads them to like the particular fruit or vegetable the story is about.

In fact a study by Yale University said that cartoon characters influence what children eat and children perceive characters as loveable, positive and even superstars.

Best Food Friend books give you the opportunity to talk about healthy eating with your children when they are relaxed and looking forward to a story.

You will be amazed when your kids start asking for fruit and vegetables at the supermarket.

So introduce them to these loveable characters and make healthy eating easier by giving them the opportunity of having Best Food Friends in their life.

Interactive audio books

At Best Food Friends we have made our series into audible books to make it easier for you to introduce your kids to our healthy eating characters. You can simply download the audio versions and your kids can listen and interact with some of the characters. These books also help kids read as they learn to recognise words as the story is being read to them. For those nights when you are short on time let us do the work for you . Your kids will love our audio books.

Recipe books

At Best Food Friends we know how hard it is to find real healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great recipe books. We know what kids love to eat so we just tweaked the recipes and made them healthy. With Pizza, Pasta, Ice cream and dips on the menu your kids will be begging you for more.

All our recipes are endorsed by a nutritionist making sure we bring you the very best in healthy food for your family.

Posh Pear

Posh Pear has a goal to live well. She leaves her home in search of a better place to live. On her travels she learns about the different aspects of life.

Physical Price: $10.99
Digital Price: $2.99

Busy Broccoli

Busy Broccoli loves to dance. When he finds out he has to leave his home, he is unhappy. He learns that everything has to change and you can be happy wherever you are.

Our Price: $12.99
eBook from: $3.25
Interactive Audiobook from: $3.25

ABC Book

Teach your kids the alphabet through these engaging fruit and vegetable characters.

Physical Price: $10.99
Digital Price: $2.99

Banana Brothers

Boastful and Bashful Banana go to the beach. They learn a valuable lesson about being careful.

Our Price: $12.99
eBook from: $3.25

Silly Sweet Potato

Silly Sweet Pototo is as silly as can be. Silly learns when he faces danger, it’s fun to be silly but not all the time.

Physical Price: $10.99
Digital Price: $2.99

Cheerful Cauliflower

Cheerful Caulifower dreams of living outside. She becomes trapped in a dark room. She tries to stay cheerful and learns that dreams can come true!

Our Price: $12.99
eBook from: $3.25

Clever Carrot

Clever Carrot learns that by going to school, she can become even more clever!

Our Price: $12.99
eBook from: $3.25


Curly Celery

Curly Celery wishes she looked more Curly. She tries hard and never gives up until finally she gets her wish.

Our Price: $12.99
eBook from: $3.25

Try Our Healthy Recipes

“The ‘Kids Love Dips’ is awesome! Parents often give children unhealthy salad
dressings to dip veggies in or caramel for apples. This is a great way to incorporate a
lot of different veggies IN the dips; the kids will hardly know they are there! Pictures
are also well done to where the dips look appetizing. Highly recommend!”

“With my maiden name being Mercurio, you can bet I can pick out some good Italian pasta recipes when I see them. My Italian roots mixed with my nutrition background, has me pleased to see such colorful, HEALTHY ways to incorporate pasta with veggies in to a child’s diet; not to mention, how to make it from scratch! Great recipes. Great interaction for young ones.”

“Absolutely loved this cookbook designed for incorporating healthy eating habits in children; I would even use it as an adult! The recipe names were very creative and ingredients used were great examples of balance of all food groups. Honored to endorse this cookbook to help keep our kids healthy.”

“Finally! An ice cream that is actually made with REAL food and not a list of artificial ingredients. This cookbook is a great example of how to use nutritious foods to curb the sweet tooth. I cannot wait to try the Sweet Potato and Honey recipe!”

Official Endorsements

Jourdan Lewis, CNC, BHS – Nutritionist

 “These recipe books have my heart as a nutritionist and avid snacker. The rolled bites exemplify great inclusion of healthy fats, carbs and protein in one sweet, guilt free bite. Snack time can be where a healthy diet falls off track, but not with recipes like these!”

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