Meet All The Best Food Friends

Want to play a game?  Guess the characters name and then hover your mouse over the characters to see if you were right.

Zany Zucchini
Yakety-Yak Yam
Xfactor Xigua
Wobbly Wombok
Witty Watermelon
Vivid Vidalia Onion
Unhappy Ugli Fruit
Tricky Tomato
Talkative Turnip
Sweet Strawberry
Super Spinach
Silly Sweet Potato
Rude Raspberry
Rowdy Radish
Rocky Rockmelon
Quiet Quince
Proud Pumpkin
Pretty Peach
Posh Pear
Polite Pinapple
Playful Plum
Picky Potato
Ordinary Orange
Nosey Nectarine
Moody Mandarin
Messy Mango
Loud Lemon
Lonely Lychee
Lazy Leek
Kooky Kiwi Fruit
Jovial Jalapeño
Impatient Iceberg Lettuce
Happy Huckleberry
Grumpy Grape
Greedy Garlic
Funny Fig
Eager Eggplant
Dazzling Dragon Fruit
Curly Celery
Crazy Cucumber
Cool Cucumber
Clumsy Corn
Clever Carrot
Cheeky Cherry
Curious Capsicum
Cheerful Cauliflower
Calm Coconut
Busy Broccoli
Bouncy Bean
Bossy Blueberry
Bold Beetroot
Brave Bok Choy
Bashful Banana
Boastful Banana
Boring Brussel Sprout
Adorable Apple

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Meet the Take 5 Plus 2 Team

The original take 5 Team have added two more great characters Busy Broccoli and Curly Celery.

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These engaging characters and their fun loving adventure stories relate to the personality of the characters. Kids see the characters as being fun and this encourages them to eat healthy.

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