Diabetes ACT and the Take 5 Plus 2 Team invite school children to undertake the


Fruit and Veggie Challenge!


The take 5 plus 2 team are challenging kids to eat healthy. Children should consume two serves of fruit and three serves of vegetables every day, so the challenge team are challenging you to eat five serves of vegetables and two of fruit every day.

There is no doubt that obesity and diseases related to unhealthy eating are on the rise in Australia. Awareness is crucial at an early age, as it is often too late when we become adults with unhealthy eating habits. Laurel Davies from Diabetes ACT has adopted the team to promote a healthy eating challenge to schools, where children will have to eat healthy for a week to be able to be part of the challenge.

The schools participating will receive a visit from Posh Pear and children will learn the importance of healthy eating during the challenge week.

The challenge will also raise the awareness of diabetes a debilitating disease that is fast on the rise in Australia.

to Download the Fruit and Veggie Challenge Form

Why don’t you let us know what you’re doing in your school, by writing, or sending us an email as below.




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