2015/2016: Healthy Food at Schools

Posh Pear and Busy Broccoli are back touring schools with Kulture-Break in 2016. We are helping to spread the word with the Department of Health’s new programme ‘Fresh Tastes’ So register your school for our cool dance show. We look forward to seeing you!

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Hi Farrah,

I would like to thank your team from Kulture Break – Rachel, Jez and Steve for delivering a wonderful and straight to the point, yet simple to understand presentation about fresh foods to Torrens Primary School today. My daughter, who is a student at Torrens was most impressed that Rachel – her Hip Hop teacher from term 1 was there too. Posh Pear and Busy Broc have been the topic of conversation at home this evening and a lot more vegetables were eaten at dinner.

I’m sure that other families are experiencing similar conversations and building on their healthy eating habits tonight.

Thank you also to Catherine Chapman for her enthusiasm and passion about healthy eating. I am glad there is someone out there promoting the importance of healthy eating and moving.


Torrens Primary School

Dear Catherine,

We love your stories and the clever way your characters are never seen by humans. My kids both like different characters Olivia likes Clever Carrot and was very upset when she lost her bag tag we had to get her another one. Pete loves Silly Sweet Potato and always wants me to read his story. Great and clever way to get the message through to kids about healthy eating makes it easy to relate.
All the very best.

Elizabeth Jenkins

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