Leader of the Opposition, Zed Seselja, in conjunction with Diabetes ACT recently helped launch the book “Posh Pear”, designed to educate children in an interesting and engaging way about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. The launch was attended by the author, Catherine Chapman, and by Posh Pear herself!


“I’m extremely happy to be launching this book by Author Catherine Chapman today,” Zed said. “It is an original approach to help educate children about food habits, and the importance of eating five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day.

“Setting food habits at a young age is a proven way to reduce the incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease later on in life,” Zed said.

Posh Pear is the first book and characters in the take 5 plus 2 team that will challenge children to eat a healthy diet of five vegetables and two fruits every day.

Each character will have their own short story, teaching children in an engaging way the importance of a healthy diet.

“Unfortunately as families’ lives get increasingly busy, the basics about eating the right foods like vegetables and fruits can be forgotten.”

“One of four Australian children is overweight and obese and there is considerable evidence that this has a detrimental impact on the medium to long-term health of children, particularly once they reach adolescents.”

“Diabetes ACT does a terrific job in the community and their involvement in this project further strengthens the message to parents and their children about the importance of health eating.”

“I’d like to congratulate Catherine Chapman and Diabetes ACT for their innovative approach to getting the healthy foods message out to the next generation of children,” Zed concluded.



2005_0611characters0040.JPG posh luanch



Jeremy Hanson MLA Leader of the opposition And Senator Zed Seselja


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