Jourdan Lewis, CNC, BHS

“The ‘Kids Love Dips’ is awesome! Parents often give children unhealthy salad
dressings to dip veggies in or caramel for apples. This is a great way to incorporate a
lot of different veggies IN the dips; the kids will hardly know they are there! Pictures
are also well done to where the dips look appetizing. Highly recommend!”

Jourdan Lewis, CNC, BHS

“With my maiden name being Mercurio, you can bet I can pick out some good Italian
pasta recipes when I see them. My Italian roots mixed with my nutrition background, has
me pleased to see such colorful, HEALTHY ways to incorporate pasta with veggies in to
a child’s diet; not to mention, how to make it from scratch! Great recipes. Great
interaction for young ones.”

Jourdan Lewis, CNC, BHS

“Finally! An ice cream that is actually made with REAL food and not a list of artificial
ingredients. This cookbook is a great example of how to use nutritious foods to curb
the sweet tooth. I cannot wait to try the Sweet Potato and Honey recipe!”

Jourdan Lewis, CNC, BHS

“This recipe book has my heart as a nutritionist and avid snacker. The rolled bites
exemplify great inclusion of healthy fats, carbs and protein in one sweet, guilt free
bite. Snack time can be where a healthy diet falls of track, but not with recipes like

Kari, San Diego (Mother of Two)

Kari, San Diego (Mother of Two)

As a mom of two and a professional chef, my girls and I are loving the adorable Best Food Friends series! Now that the oldest is reading she pours over the stories and talks about all the characters at almost every meal time. What a fun way to inspire better eating and to help kids recognise and appreciate healthier foods. These characters and the books not only teach our kids about a healthier lifestyle but also self-esteem and healthy activity levels. We are big fans of the Best Food Friends and cannot thank Catherine enough for her inspired approach.

Anna Savolainen

Anna Savolainen

Biggest thank you, Catherine!

The books are here! I just opened the package! Ohh so amazing! And the key holders!  Cheerful Cauliflower couldn’t be more cute!  So amazing! You might notice that we are excited here 🙂

– Anna Savolainen

Ja, in de auto kun je veel doen. Pijp alleen de bestuurder tijdens het rijden, ik geef je uit! Nummer één pose voor seks in de auto was en blijft de hardloper. Autoliefhebbers evalueerden het op dapoxetine kopen punten uit 5. Op de tweede plaats – Doggi -stijl. Helemaal aan het einde van de installatielijst “69”. “Maar hoe?” – alsof we het vragen. Desalniettemin heeft het een score van 2,3 van de 5, wat niet zo weinig is voor de houding, die bijna onmogelijk is om de auto in te nemen.

Anna Vrebec

I have the whole series I bought them for my niece Mia. She loves the characters and the stories she also loves to cook all the healthy recipes. Great books !

Wendy Jensen (mother of 3)

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the Best Food Friends books – clever, happy Stories with lovely pictures.

Belinda Turnbull

Posh Pear came to my daughter’s school, when she came home she said, “ apples are my favourite fruit but I think I like pears better now.” As a result she now eats pears she never wanted to eat them before and Posh pear is one of her favourite stories.

Susanne Ford

Dear Catherine,

I wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoys the Posh Pear story. The character is so engaging and the illustrations are fantastic. She asks me to read it to her all the time. We look forward to reading the rest of the series. Well done!


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