Linda Grey

Best food friends are too cool. I just love Posh Pear, my kids think they are great too! Any chance of a Posh Pear sticker for my car?

Patricia Bishop

Thank you Catherine from both my kids Nathan and Kate they love your books and their friends keep asking where they can buy them. I have sent a number of friends your way all the best for success with your entertaining and fun characters and stories.

Joanne lovett

My three kids all love the Best Food Friends books I have a 3 year old a 4 year old and Toby is 6. We read a best food friends story every night. These books make it easy to talk about healthy eating. We have also made some of the yum recipes. Toby took his favourite book Busy Broccoli to school everyone loved it .


When Busy Broccoli attended my son’s school he came home and wanted to go to the supermarket and buy broccoli. When I said “but you don’t eat broccoli” he replied, “yes I do Busy Broccoli came to our school today.” I was amazed of the impact the character had on him. Keep up the good work!!

Hannah, Support Educator

Hi Suzy,

When Kulture Break came to our school Posh Pear performed a song which the kids loved. I was wondering if we can get a copy of the song so we can play it at our Whole School Gatherings? We’d like to get the kids dancing to it and keep the Freshtastes characters in their minds.

Elizabeth Jenkins

Dear Catherine,

We love your stories and the clever way your characters are never seen by humans. My kids both like different characters Olivia likes Clever Carrot and was very upset when she lost her bag tag we had to get her another one. Pete loves Silly Sweet Potato and always wants me to read his story. Great and clever way to get the message through to kids about healthy eating makes it easy to relate.
All the very best

Kirrilee, Torrens Primary School

Hi Farrah,

I would like to thank your team from Kulture Break – Rachel, Jez and Steve for delivering a wonderful and straight to the point, yet simple to understand presentation about fresh foods to Torrens Primary School today. My daughter, who is a student at Torrens was most impressed that Rachel – her Hip Hop teacher from term 1 was there too. Posh Pear and Busy Broc have been the topic of conversation at home this evening and a lot more vegetables were eaten at dinner.

I’m sure that other families are experiencing similar conversations and building on their healthy eating habits tonight.

Thank you also to Catherine Chapman for her enthusiasm and passion about healthy eating. I am glad there is someone out there promoting the importance of healthy eating and moving.


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